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e-Travel Suite

The e-Travel Suite by Inscribed Microsystems connects all the stakeholders of the travel industry with each other without the need to migrate to a common system. The main outcome of this system is the exchange of travel data between connected member businesses and settlement of their financial information in case of buying and selling of products and services using existing hardware and software.

The e-Travel Suite is broadly divided in to two major areas- 1. The back office switch that connects all the members and 2. a front office interface that connect to the switch.

Inscribed Microsystems has developed this system in association with the Tour Operators Association of Bangladesh (TOAB).

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Cloud Office

Cloud Office by Inscribed Microsystems combines expertise in business and technology to deploy robust enterprise solutions that meet the critical return on investment goals of leading organizations across a range of vertical markets.

Cloud Office solutions are based on SaaS architecture offering enterprise automation across a number of industries, including Hi-technology, Manufacturing, Automotive, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecommunications, Publishing / Media, Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences, Oil and Gas / Energy and Entertainment.

Unlike traditional software that are conventionally sold as a perpetual license with an up-front cost and an optional ongoing support fee, Cloud Office solutions are either free or priced at low monthly subscription fee only.

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Domain & Hosting

Offering 99.9% up time guarantee, the best hosting plans in the industry and pleasing our clients worldwide, RainingHost by Inscribed Microsystems is a leading global service provider in Domain Registration, Domain Hosting and Web Development. If you desire to have a global identity for your business or even set up your own reseller business, you should contact our web professionals. With our entire range of world class products and services, they will guide you to create the best in the industry web solution for all your business requirements. We assure you 100% satisfaction or else your money back.

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