About Us

Information in Context

Inscribed Microsystems is a technology company providing solutions worldwide. People don’t just see static links to web content or a jumping-off point to enterprise applications in the Inscribed Microsystems solutions, rather they have one-click access to the complete context of the business process: a vital, colorful world of business knowledge, collaboration, and analytic that understand what activity the user is performing. In the end, our users can make better, faster and more complete business decisions.

Faster Integration

Inscribed Microsystems solution provides plug and play integration with most computer applications. What you may find surprising is that our solutions are the most open system to integrate and manage non-Inscribed Microsystems systems as well.

Our software solutions are truly open to all of your enterprise systems and our hardware integrates with your existing infrastructure. Consider Cloud Office by Inscribed Microsystems that gives even the casual policy maker power at their finger tips. Your business users are empowered, and you can free up valuable and expensive IT staff, reducing bottlenecks and speeding deployment. No other solution can provide self-service integration with your legacy and automated systems, and unify your business processes more quickly than Inscribed Microsystems.

Pure Internet Architecture

Today’s real-time enterprises are moving their business systems to the internet — to connect people to business processes across organizational boundaries. Why? It’s simple: to improve business performance and reduce costs. But, should you build your own portals from scratch or buy a built solution from a portal vendor? If you want the best of both the worlds and faster and more tangible business results, consider Inscribed Microsystems solutions: we take industry leading Pure Internet Architecture and combine it with a development environment, best-in-class portal functionality. You can use the Enterprise Portal’s integration technology and development tools to create and manage your own portal content in a web services framework.